DIT Kevin Street Celebrates Mathematics Alumni

The School of Mathematical Sciences held an alumni reunion event for graduates of mathematics and statistics at the end of March. The School was formerly the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science and has a long history. Over that time, in addition to teaching mathematics and statistics to students across a large number of programmes throughout the Institute, it has for many years delivered both full-time and part-time, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. The reunion event invited not only past graduates of the former two subject honours degree (Wholetime Applied Sciences) who studied Mathematics with Physics, Chemistry or Computer Science and past graduates of part-time programmes linked with the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications but also graduates of its current undergraduate programmes, its part-time and full-time masters programmes and those that were awarded a PhD from the School. The event therefore united graduates from across many generations, giving an opportunity to catch up, network and meet both current and retired staff from the School.

  • DIT Kevin Street Maths Alumni Reunion